Saturday, March 3, 2007

I blame myself...

Dear Commie Fans and Vanderbilt Sports Line Readers,

I wanted to take this opportunity to take full and sole responsibility for the team's loss today against Arkansas. Because of circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to wear my Vanderbilt sweatshirt while listening to the game. The result was a disappointing Senior Day and a Commie defeat. Don't blame the 39% shooting from the floor, don't blame the 27% shooting in the second half including an abysmal 4-19 from downtown in the second, don't blame Arkansas' 42-30 rebounding edge...blame me. The last time I didn't wear my sweatshirt was against Mississippi State a few weeks back. I thought that loss, coupled with my lack of appropriate Vanderbilt attire, was an aberration; sadly, I was mistaken. Until today, I had no idea the power of this particular sweatshirt, now I know. Arkansas had only won one game on the road in the SEC, that is...until I decided not to wear my sweatshirt. I pledge to you, from here on out, I will never so cavalierly neglect my Commies and all of you, by wearing the "appropriate" thing; rather, I will always show my Gold on game day whether or not I am having dinner with President or drinking with Seamus.

Sincerely, and with a heavy heart,

Bobby O'Shea

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