Monday, March 26, 2007

Hotline Hot Topic: Vanderbilt Basketball 2007-2008

What will the starting line-up be? Should Gee and David Williams be willing to meet Kevin Stallings on the tarmac a la Tim Corbin? How will this team's plan of attack be different than this year's?

The Nashville City Paper's and the Tennessean's look ahead.

I think the starting line-up will be:

(Sr.)Alex Gordon (although Beal could very easily take the spot from Red the way Red took the spot from Mario Moore.

(So.)George Drake (2009 SEC Player of the Year)

(Sr.) Shan Foster (Pre-season First Team All SEC)

(So.) JeJuan Brown (although I think true Freshman Andrew Ogilvy, the best big man out of Australia since Andrew Bogot according to scouts, could come in and take this spot, as could Alan Metcalfe should he continue to develop)

(Sr.) Ross Neltner (need to be more of an offensive presence or risk becoming irrelevant on an increasingly athletic team)

What do you think (besides the fact that it is too early to be talking about this)?


Douglas James said...

1) Gordon running the point - he has improved a ton and our low turnover ratio was huge this year
2) George Drake - hopefully can helping brining the ball up
3) Shan Foster - Can he have senior years like Derrick and Matt?
4) Ross Nelter - We need a 2nd scoring option as Shan is our only returning starter w/ double digit scoring avg
5) Alan Metcalf - Can we finally have a low post option?

Stanimal said...

I think Douglas James has the right line-up.

I really do think that George Drake will turn out to be a stud for us over the next 3 years. He showed glimpses of his performance and ability this year, and I have no doubt that he will continue to surprise as he gains a more permanent role.

Seamus O'Toole said...

Wow - if Metcalfe busts his butt in the offseason and sets his sight on being a force in the post next season, he has the potential to play a big role in next year's team. I'd love it if he stepped u and could fill a starting role with 8 to 12 points and 6 to 8 boards a game. We could be downright deadly next season if that happened.

He's already got pretty decent mobility and is an excellent free-throw shooter for a big man. If he can work on body control and lose his penchant for fouling in the offseason, I like him as a starter or 6th man.