Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Fat Tuesday Edition

Time to get happy people.

Bobby's idol, Mr. Tony, is back on radio, Vanderbilt sports is beginning its ascent to the upper echelons of college sports, and more than 8 people appear to be checking out Vanderbilt Sports Line on a regular basis.
Vanderbilt's Mens Basketball team is finally starting to get the love they deserve. After cracking the Top-25 in both polls for the first time since the Freije era (pronounced Fridg-EE), Vanderbilt is considered by most experts to now be a lock for the NCAA tournament. Those experts still on the fence are likely to draw the ire of Woody. Andy Glockner still has Vanderbilt as a "Should be In" rather than a "Lock," and while this does not warrant a full-fledged jihad against Mr. Glockner, feel free to send any respectful thoughts you have about his analysis here.
Vanderbilt is currently a 5-seed in Bracketology, and as far as I am concerned, pretty much rule. Vanderbilt's match-up on Sunday against Kentucky is a "Must See" and Derrick Byars get a little love in the Weekly Watch. Vanderbilt plays at Mississippi State tomorrow. That game won't be on TV, but you can listen to the game online either through VuCommodores.com by shelling out some cash to Yahoo Sports, or being really nice to Seamus.

As reported yesterday, Vanderbilt will have to pay a $25,000 fine for its second violation of the "access to competition area" policy. The first violation came after Vanderbilt's last-second, hail-mary, full-court pass to Cory Smith lifted the Commies over the Shockers of Wichita State in 2005's Post-Season NIT. Since Seamus and I were two of the first people on the court for that particular violation, we would like to encourage everyone out there to donate to the National Commodore Club and earmark your contribution to help pay this fine. Although it is completely unsubstantiated, Florida freshman Brandon Powell allegedly threw a punch at a fan who rushed the court. I don't know about you, but it sounds like it happened to me. Despite having players that throw punches, try to injure opposing fans, and don't know how to share, Florida is "downplaying the incident." Florida Gators, all class baby.

Vanderbilt baseball is getting a lot of ink for being seeded #1 for the first time ever. Trying to keep his team focused however, Coach Corbin is not buying the hype. Regardless, Vanderbilt is definitely expected to be in Omaha this June.

The Lady Commies are a 5-seed in their Bracketology and have hit their stride down the stretch. I bet if you ask Stanimal nicely, he might give you some more analysis.

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