Thursday, February 22, 2007

Obviously, There is No Internet Connection in the Visitors Locker Room at the Hump

That's the only thing I can figure. Kevin Stallings was unable to read my preview for the game, and the result was a complete drumming by Mississippi State. Excellent. Now, Vanderbilt has to play Kentucky in Memorial on Sunday in a game that some might call a must win. I am one of those people. Despite some early season success on the road, Vanderbilt's last two road performances have been awful. The 83-70 final score does not reflect how thoroughly outplayed Vanderbilt was on both ends of the floor. They beat us 41-30 on the boards, forced 14 turnovers(10 in the first half), and just generally "wanted" it more. Coach Stallings, after the game said, "They have a gear athletically that we do not." I hope, for our sake, no one on the selection committee read that comment or is reading this post, because that is an embarrassing quote. Sorry, KStall, you can't play the "athleticism" card. Vanderbilt is as athletic as anyone in the conference. You got beat. Badly. In part, because you could never stop the bleeding. There was no attempt to make defensive adjustments, no effort to pressure the ball and try and slow down a quick Bulldogs team, and no emphasis on setting up an offense and trying to create mis-matches that are inevitable when a team has as distinct a height advantage as Vanderbilt had over Mississippi State. Why not go to a trapping 1-2-2 zone that has given teams fits? Why not try and work the ball inside?

There will be no Hotline today because I am so angry about how poorly we played last night. Listen, winning on the road in the SEC is not easy, but getting thoroughly out-played should never happen. Jamont Gordon, who torched the Bores for a triple-double last night, said Mississippi State felt ">disrespected last year when the Commies beat them 80-52...I guess he knows how the Vanderbilt fans feel after last nights game.

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Sol Blake said...

Hopefully Stallings press conference was just intended to motivate our team. If not, then we must really suck. Vanderbilt did not have more than a 3-0 run in the first half. In other words, they eventually answered every basket we made. Just a horrid game plan and a horrid game, yet I still had my rally cap on when we cut it 14 with 5:15 left.

On a side note, it truly is the nature of being a Vanderbilt sports fan to have to watch most of your team's games via slowly updating gamecasts.