Friday, February 16, 2007

National Televised Vanderbilt Basketball Drinking Game

Although I think most people watching the game will be able to share my copy of the rules, I didn't want to presume anything. So, here are the rules for the National Televised Vanderbilt Basketball Drinking Game. Please use them responsibly, and by responsibly, I mean with Beer.

  1. Take a sip whenever they make a reference to the elevated court and how difficult it is to play in Memorial.

  2. Take a sip whenever they talk about the opposing coach discussing how he spent the last 3 days of practice on one of the baselines to get his players "ready."

  3. Drink for 5 seconds whenever a reference is made to Vanderbilt not having an athletic department.

  4. They say "Princeton Offense," you drink.

  5. "Live by the three, die by the three" will earn you 3 seconds.

  6. Any reference to Vanderbilt being "the Harvard of the South" or a "fine academic institution" is worth 4.0 seconds.

  7. Take a sip whenever they use the "Memorial Maniacs" or "Memorial Magic"

  8. Any time Florida goes on a run of 8-0 or over without Stallings call a time out, drink every 5 seconds until he does or Vanderbilt hits a three to blunt the momentum.

  9. If you happen to be watching the game with Bobby and the boys, drink every time Bobby's lady friend refers to Kevin Stallings "unfortunate balding"...for those not there who know Bobby's Betty, any time you can imagine her saying something to that effect, take a drink.

  10. This is a long shot...but if the crowd starts chanting "Walsh has Crabs" drink until they stop.


Tom said...

#11 - 3 seconds if they mention sharing the record with Princeton and UNLV for a 3pt shot made in every game since the 3pt line was introduced.

Anonymous said...


J.B., M.D. said...

I appreciate the change from cost to earn. It's a game of winners for winners.

Anonymous said...

How long do you have to drink if Florida loses?

Anonymous said...

or better yet, if your school is on the FRONT PAGE of ESPN.COM !!!