Monday, February 26, 2007

"Expression of Dissapointment" against Lincoln Financial Sports...

I am declaring a Jihad on Lincoln Financial Sports for their decision to not air the Vanderbilt/Arkansas game this Saturday. Is the Vanderbilt/Arkansas game more worthy of being shown than either Auburn/Ole Miss or Tennessee/Georgia? No, in fact both those games are more important than Vanderbilt's game against the Razorbacks. But because I am a total Vanderbilt homer, and I think Vanderbilt is often on the short-end of regional and national coverage, I am asking all 7 of you out there to email Lincoln Financial Sports and complain about Vanderbilt getting snubbed. Will it matter for this season? No. But, by complaining and asking for Vanderbilt to be on more games than they currently are, we demonstrate (however meekly) that there are Vanderbilt fans out there who want to see their Commies, even if it means suffering through Larry Conley's awful analysis. If you are so inclined, feel free to cut and paste this:

I write to strongly encourage Lincoln Financial Sports to show more Vanderbilt men's basketball games. We are currently one of two SEC teams ranked in both national polls and we have only appeared on LFS 5 times. Vanderbilt has a loyal fan base and deserves more coverage in men’s basketball and football than we currently enjoy from Lincoln Financial. While I know it is probably too late to change the schedule this season, I would hope that in the future you would highlight and showcase this SEC team as much as you do the others.

Again, I get that the Vanderbilt/Arkansas game is not as important as the games currently being shown. I just think it is important for Vanderbilt fans to give voice to thought about consistently getting short-shrift when it comes to TV coverage.


Seamus O'Toole said...

Yeah so I'm pretty sure that all of us (hopefully just Bobby though) are now on the terrorist watch list O'Shea's ill-advised title for this post.

On behalf of every blog reader whose assets are now frozen, thank you Mr. O'Shea.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about it. Michigan State is the only basketball powerhouse I can think of with superfans on THE watch list:

Somehow, I don't think Kousa is too interested in your all should be in the clear.