Sunday, January 28, 2007

Vanderbilt in the Rankings: Make Your Prediction

We're on a four-game winning streak, three of which were against Top 25 teams and two of which came on the road in the SEC. I never expected to be saying this at this point in the season after what we did pre-January, but our Commies are currently the second-best team in the SEC by almost anyone's estimation.

So what are we going to have to show for this tomorrow when the polls are released? Will we crack the Top 25 in one or both polls? If so, where will we break in? #25? #20? #15?

A lot of teams that were ranked above us in last week's polls have lost (e.g., Tennessee, Southern Cal, Northern Iowa, Villanova, Texas Tech, Michigan State), potentially making room for us in the AP or ESPN/USA Today Top 25 heading into Wednesday's game at #1 Florida.

What do y'all think? Vote here for where you think we will enter the Top 25 in each poll, or whether you think our team, with 6 losses (including Furman and Appy State), will be able to leapfrog enough others to do it.


J.B., M.D. said...

I would be surprised if the AP, ESPN, or Coaches Polls give us any respect.

I think we'll be #26 or #27 in all of them but in reality, with my completely unbiased diagnosis, we should be at #20.

Stanimal said...

I doubt we get anywhere higher than 23.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Perhaps this is bold, but I think the Commies will break the Top 25 in both polls:

ESPN/USA Today: 23
AP: 24

Seamus O'Toole said...

ESPN/USA Today: unranked
AP: 25

Unknown said...

I am with 5 in both

Woody said...

Unranked in both. Seeing as how the ESPN poll has already come out and we're not ranked, I'm halfway there. We did get 32 votes though, 1 more then G'town.

ryan.mccostlin said...

24 in the AP. 28 in the ESPN/USA. I'd bet the Indiana farm on it.