Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Up on My High Horse

This is not at all sports related, but it has the potential to get some good pub for the Commies.

A friend of Vanderbilt Sports Line is a part of a competition sponsored by mtvU and GE looking for the most innovative and viable student led project which has the potential to have the most impact on the green environment of their college campus. The winning team receives a $25,000 grant. Over 100 schools initially entered the competition, and the top 10 finalists included The Vanderbilt Biodiesel Initiative. Their project is to create Biodiesel from other on-campus wastes, promoting its effectiveness as a viable alternative energy source, and saving potentially 20,000 pounds of lifetime carbon dioxide emissions every month. Please support their team by voting at http://www.ecocollegechallenge.com/.

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Anonymous said...

The Vanderbilt Sports Line is making the world a better place. I do believe it is, indeed, "The Best Dang Vanderbilt Sports Blog on the Web."