Friday, January 19, 2007

HOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!! of the week

Congratulations Mitch Mustain, you are the winner of VSL's second HOSER of the week award.

For those of you who may not have been following the drama at Arkansas over the past couple of weeks, lil' boy Mitchie feels that he is SO talented that he can dictate the way an athletic department should be run.

It was announced this past week that Mustain would be transferring from Arkansas after offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn, Mustain's high school coach, accepted a position at Tulsa. Mustain, the nation's top-rated QB, and two other high school teammates signed with Arkansas in part because Malzahn was offered the position last year. The idea was that they would get to run Malzahn's offense.

However, that clearly wasn't the case as head coach Houston Nutt only had one of the best tailbacks in the country with Darren McFadden. The running game dominated most of Arkansas' offense. Though Arkansas was winning football games, Mustain's play at QB was sub-par at best. Starting the season off hot, he cooled substantially over the course of the year, leading to him being replaced by redshirt sophomore Casey Dick.

Mustain takes the HOSER award for a number of reasons. 1. He and his mother, Beck Campbell, had a secret meeting with AD Frank Broyles to discuss the "course" of the Arkansas football program and to express their discontent with Nutt, since clearly Mitchie was unhappy with the style of offense Arkansas was running, and also because he got benched. 2. They issued a PUBLIC STATEMENT to the media about this discontent. 3. During his recruiting process, Mustain said "Arkansas would have a better chance of getting me if Nutt were fired." 4. Mustain's decision to transfer came after he was told he would have to compete for the job next year, prompting him to transfer like the ball-less baby that he is. Rather than compete for the top spot and earn his playtime and the respect of his teammates, he immediately decided to jump ship.

Nutt said of the situation, "We only want people who want to be here (at Arkansas)."

This is a prime example of kid who believes that his five star recruiting rating is bigger than any one coach, any one team, any one athletic program, and any one University. What's more disgraceful is that his mother completely supports his piss-poor attitude.

So to you Mitch Mustain I say this, congratulations on being a complete and total.....


Runner Ups:

1. Arkansas AD Frank Broyles
2. Michael "Have you seen my watter bottle" Vick
3. Marty "Can't win the big game" Schottenheimer


J.B., M.D. said...

Terrible choice. The clear winner is D.B. Woodside. A shoe can out-act that guy.

Stanimal said...

The only problem with D.B. Woodside is that he will be a recurring hoser winner at another time.