Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Great Big Goff Scoff

In under-reported news, star Vandy linebacker Jonathan Goff was snubbed by the sportswriters and made neither the first nor second team All-SEC. Considering the fact that Goff had better numbers than 2nd-team picks Brandon Siler and Earl Everett (Florida) and more tackles (though fewer INTs) than 2nd-team pick Tony Taylor (Georgia) and 1st-teamer Sam Olajubutu (Arkansas), I'm going to go ahead and declare this an outright travesty.

I understand, based on the numbers put up by the four first-teamers and the "big-play" ability of Olajabutu, that Goff probably didn't earn a spot on the first team this year. But not including him on the second team is outrageous, and now may be the time for us loyal Commies to play the "anti-Vanderbilt bias" card.

Post your thoughts on this atrocity.


Uncle O'Shea said...

Big numbers on a horses*#t defense are just that...numbers. Did the guy make one play that made a difference in a game??? Don't even place this guy in the same sentence as Everett and Siler; they will be earning a living in the NFL while your guy will be sitting in his office cubbie thinking of what might have been in his Men's Warehouse suit. But "He's gonna look good, I guarantee it."

Seamus O'Toole said...

Wait a minute, if you've got to play on a great defense to make All-SEC, then why are players from Ole Miss and Mississippi State first-team LBs???

In fact, when you play on the kind of defense Goff plays on, where there are a lot of holes and weaknesses that can be picked apart by any offensive coordinator with half a brain, then it's THAT MUCH HARDER to shine because teams naturally run/throw away from you.

Goff made huge plays all season long, and led (and at times WAS) a defense that kept Vandy in a lot of games that we had no business being in.

And he WILL play in the NFL: "I guarantee it."

Stanimal said...

Plus, Goff has also stated that he's checking into interests in the NFL Draft and is already thought of as a high linebacker pick. But of course you'd need to read the NFL Draft information to figure that out.

J.B., M.D. said...

baa zing! nice post stanimal.

Stanimal said...

Jonathan Goff is currently ranked as the number 6 junior linebacker prospect and the number 2 junior inside linebacker prospect behind Brandon Siler according Mel Kiper of

Uncle O'Shea, shouldn't you be checking your facts before jumping to conclusions?