Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Week 16 Pick'em

Thursday Night:
Minnesota @ Green Bay

Saturday Night:
Kansas City @ Oakland

Carolina @ Atlanta
Tennessee @ Buffalo
Tampa Bay @ Cleveland
Chicago @ Detroit
Washington @ St. Louis
New Orleans @ New York Giants
Baltimore @ Pittsburgh
New England @ Jacksonville
Indy @ Houston
Arizona @ San Fran
Cincy @ Denver
San Diego @ Seattle

Philly @ Dallas
New York Jets @ Miami

Week 15 Results:
1. Will (12-4)
1. Shamas O'Toole (12-4)
3. Woodrow (11-5)
3. Papa O'Shea (11-5)
3. J.B., M.D. (11-5)
6. Dr. MZ (10-6)
7. Stanimal (8-8)
7. Pecevich (8-8)
9. Bobby O'Shea (7-9)

Leaderboard (Through 3 Weeks):
1. Papa O'Shea (32-16)
2. Woodrow (29.5-18.5)
3. J.B.,M.D. (28-20)
4. Shamas O'Toole (27-21)
5. Bobby O'Shea (25-23)
5. Stanimal (25-23)


Woody said...
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Woody said...

Sorry about that guys, slight mix up. Ok, here we go.

1. Packers
2. KC
3. ATL
4. Vince Young
5. Bucs
6. Chicago
7. Rams
8. NO
9. Air McNair 'n Company
10. Jags
11. Indy
12. San Fran
13. Denver
14. San Diego
15. Dallas
16. Jets

Bobby O'Shea said...

1. Green Bay
2. KC
3. Atlanta
4. Buffalo
5. Tampa Bay
6. Chicago
7. Washington
8. New York Giants
9. Pittsburgh
10. Jacksonville
11. Indy
12. Arizona
13. Cincy
14. San Diego
15. Dallas

Unknown said...

1. Green Bay
2. KC
3. Atlanta
4. Tennessee
5. TB
6. Chicago
7. Washington
8. Saints
9. Baltimore
10. Satan's balls (i.e. New England)
12. Arizona
13. Denver
14. San Diego
15. Dallas
16. Jets

Anonymous said...

The Good Doctor says:

Thursday Night:
1) Green Bay -- No way Favre disgraces himself in what could be his last home game (in case you haven't heard about 30 million times...)

Saturday Night:
2) KC -- Anyone want to start a pool on how long it will take O'Shea's hair to grow as gray as Trent Green's?

3) Falcons
4) Tennessee
5) Tampa Bay
6) Chicago
7) St. Louis
8) New Orleans
9) Baltimore -- Ed Reed is BAD MAN!
10) New England
11) Indy
12) Arizona @ San Fran
13) Cincy -- Carson Palmer will not be outdone by a rookie QB who played his college ball at VANDERBILT (offense intended)
14) San Diego

15) Dallas
16) Miami (Merry X-Mas O-Shea…)

Anonymous said...


J.B., M.D. said...

1. Green Bay: Nothing like a battle for sloppy seconds in the NFC North; Favre to Driver all day long against a high school secondary.
2. Kansas City: Really wanted to pick OAK here just to be that guy.
3. Atlanta: This is gonna be the one week I picked against Carolina.
4. Buffalo: Great game (who would've thought??), but Vince hates snow.
5. Cleveland: TB is 0-7 on the road, only feasible factor here.
6. Chicago: Gut says Lions, brain says Bears, heart says who gives a shit.
7. St. Louis: Bulger to Holt for a couple TDs, Sean Taylor kills a man after the game.
8. New Orleans: Gut check time for Eli & Co., NO makes Tommy's rear a little warmer.
9. Pittsburgh: FACT - The only beer to watch this game with is a PBR, it's going to be that gritty.
10. New England: When Tom Brady does not get respected (i.e. a Pro Bowl snub), terrible things happen to opposing teams. The key will be Wilfork and Warren stuffing the Jags potent run offense.
11. Indy: Houston's offense will be Indy D's guinea pig, yet success won't even matter here. Peyton and Addai will shred the Texans young defense.
12. San Fran: A healthy dose of Frank Gore will seal this close game.
13. Cincy: Cincy's secondary was embarassed on national tv last week and has a huge chip on their shoulder. The big key is whether the Broncs will be able to pressure Carson given the injured Cincy tackles, I say Carson has all day.
14. San Diego: LT brings his big boy cleats and the Bolts shore up home field throughout.
15. Dallas: Lost by 14 to Philly at Philly? Will win by 14 against Philly in Dallas with Romo steering.
16. Miami: GUARANTEE. I will go on record and forfeit my last week if the Jets win here. 20-17 Fins.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Shamas wants Green Bay tonight, will make other picks later

Seamus O'Toole said...

I'm taking KC tonight, will have other picks in asap.

Seamus O'Toole said...

3. ATL
4. TEN
5. CLE
6. CHI
7. WAS
8. NYG
9. BAL
10. NE
11. IND
12. SF
13. DEN
14. SD
15. DAL
16. NYJ