Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Week 13 Pick'em Results

Leaders in the Clubhouse:

1. Bobby O'Shea (10-6)
2. Woody (9.5-6.5) - Cincy pick was made on Friday morning
3. Papa O'Shea (9-7)
4. JB (8-8)
5. Stanimal (8-8)
6. Chad (8-8)
7. Shamas O'Toole (7-9)

If my calculations are off, let me know and I will correct.

Week 14 Games:

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh

Oakland @ Cincy
Minnesota @ Detroit
Baltimore @ KC
New England @ Miami
Atlanta @ Tampa Bay
Philly @ Washington
New York Giants @ Carolina (We have blown 5 4th quarter leads) Panthers
Indy @ Jax
Tennessee @ Houston
Seattle @ Arizona
Green Bay @ San Fran
Buffalo @ The New York J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS
Denver @ San Diego
Dallas @ America's Team, the New Orleans Saints

Monday Night:
Chicago @ St. Louis

Make your picks by 8:00 pm on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

According to Dr. MZ --

1) Cincy (VIVA OCHO CINCO!!)
2) Vikes
3) B-More (Ed Reed is a bad ass mutha who don't take no crap offa nobody!!)
4) Pats (Tom hot right now)
5) Falcons (John Gruden takes himself too seriously...)
6) Philly (The Redskins are a mess)
7) Panthers
8) Indy
9) Titans
10) The Buzzsaw (aka Arizona)
11) San Fran
12) Bills (sorry Josh)
13) San Diego (Cutler was bad last week, and it's not gonna get any better against the Lighting Bolts)
15) St. Louis (I'm gonna get weird and go with the RAMS. Sexy Rexy's confidence is going to be hurting come playoff time.)

Anonymous said...

Dr. MZ chooses the Men of Steel in Thursday's game. He doesn't know who Charlie Frye is. And he doesn't care.

Bobby O'Shea said...

1. Pittsburgh
2. Cincy, although I think Oakland might keep it closer than people expect with their pass D.
3. Lions
4. Baltimore, despite this being a must win for Herm and the Boys.
5. New England
6. Atlanta
7. Skins
8. Carolina, because someone has to be a Wild Card in the NFC
9. Indy
10. Tennessee, Young has a big day in his homecoming.
11. Seattle
12. San Fran
13. J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS. Mangini, coach of the year; Jets Playoff bound
14. San Diego
15. Heart wants Saints, head says Cowboys...going with America's NEW Team, the Saints.
16. Bears, despite Grossman

Anonymous said...

The good doctors says Josh totally picked the Saints to get back at the him for taking the Bills.

Anonymous said...

Dr. MZ apologizes for his poor typing.

Woody said...

1. Pittsburgh
2. Cincy
3. Det-riot
4. KC
5. Brady and His boys
6. Vick 'n company
7. Gracia's baldness wins out
8. Stickin' by the Panthers
9. Indy
10. Tennessee
11. Shaun Runs through Arizona
12. Favre
13. jets
14. San Diego, although I hope Cutler pulls it out.
15. Saints
16. Da' Bears

Woody said...

Earl Bennett was selected to first-team ALL-SEC today. He finished 2nd in receiving in the SEC with 82 receptions for 1146 yards and 9th in the country. Not a bad sophomore season.

Discuss/debate at will. Sorry for the awkward location of the post, I can't start new threads.

Stanimal said...

1. Cincinnati
2. Detroit
3. Baltimore
4. New England
5. Dirty Birds
6. Philly
7. Giants
8. Indy
9. Tennessee
10. Seattle
11. San Fran
12. The Jets
13. San Diego
15. Chicago, even with 3 Grossman picks

Stanimal said...

Ah yes, and for Thursday the Steelers

Seamus O'Toole said...

1. Pitt
2. Cincy
3. Minn
4. KC
5. Pats
6. Atl
7. Wash
8. NY
9. Indy
10. Tenn
11. Seattle
12. SF
13. The team with the worst chant in the history of pro football to beat the Bills.
14. SD
15. Dallas
16. Ditka

Unknown said...

1. Pittsburgh

2. Cincy's offense saves the day
3. Vikings
4. Baltimore (arrowhead shmarrowhead)
5. Miami b/c JB's misery makes me happy
6. Tampa Bay better Def
7. Philly - choke vs. choke
8. Carolina still the better team
9. Duh - Indy won't suck till week 16
10. Tennessee T. Henry scores 2
11. Seattle (blows out) Arizona
12. San Fran
13. Jets almost choke but pull through
12. Denver, but Cutler gets shaken up
13. Dallas. The Saints are not America's team. Every time I hear that i want to drink bleach.

Monday Night:
14. Chicago @ who?

J.B., M.D. said...

1. Pittsburgh: Quick... name something good that's come out of Cleveland since the full-body Dog costume. Even without Ward, Steelers [Willie Parker] will dominate.
2. Cincinnati: Bet of the week... will Cin. score more points than player arrests in the last year. My bet is no, and they will score 24.
3. Minnesota: Lions fans cheer loss which equals a higher draft pick (which they'll invariably use on a flash-in-the-pan, injury-prone wideout).
4. KC: Tough pic with both teams coming off bad losses. Going with the home team, LJ's train.
5. New England: AMERICA'S TEAM, true Patriots. Miami will mail it in as the playoffs are out.
6. Atlanta: Add another W to a roller coaster season.
7. Philly: Westbrook will be a 7/11.
8. Carolina: Panther's D will pressure Manning into devastating mistakes as DeAngelo Williams cashes in.
9. Indy: With home-field advantage on the line, Peyton will MAN UP and destroy the Jags D.
10. Tennessee: Vince.
11. Seattle: Even with a phenomenal 100 yard performance by Edgerrin James [O'SHAY, PAY UP), the 2006 Madden Curse will have a monster day.
12. San Fran: Gore dominates on the Left Coast.
13. Jets: Sorry Grandma.
14. San Diego: LT wins his own self-described Punt, Pass, and Kick cometition single-handedly (or what we call a professional football game).
15. New Orleans: Reggie Bush was flat out phenomenal last week. Brees' turn here.
16. Chicago.

Uncle O'Shea said...

I see that my Jags are getting no love at all from this sorry bunch...not that Jax will finally get over the hump but this team plays very well at home and it allowing 8 ppg at home this year. I like the Jags to beat Indy and lose to the Titans next week...that will be typical Jags.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Uncle O'Shea, why not pick the rest of the games?
What, you drop a nugget of knowledge and leave...we play the full 4 quarters on this blog.

Uncle O'Shea said...

2. The team formerly known as Bungles
3. The one tooth Lions
4. Ravens
5. Pats
6. Falcons over the Sux, er Bucs
7. Eagles
8. Panthers (with 2 teeth)
9. Jag-offs
10. Titans
11. Seattle
12. Nooners (Favre is toothless)
13. Nyets
14. Chargers
15. Cowpokes
16. Bears (with one paw behind their backs)

Anonymous said...

here the old mans picks:
new england
san diego

Bobby O'Shea said...

papa o' need a pick on the Green Bay @ San Fran game

Anonymous said...

i was told i had 1 pick left...