Thursday, December 21, 2006

Commies drop San Juan Final in Overtime...

Vanderbilt was outscored 16-8 in the extra frame, losing 87-79 to Appalachian State. Appy State was impressive throughout the tournament, but this was certainly a game Stallings' squad should have been able to win. Shamas was driving through Nashville during the game and is quite upset with the outcome and will be blogging on the game once he gets to a "hot spot."


Unknown said...

it's still an rip off of an already established rivals site. tisk tisk

Seamus O'Toole said...

Hey Tommy,

Thanks for your incredibly substantive opinions, written with outstanding grammatical and spelling aptitude.

In case you hadn't noticed, Rivals has a blog for every college team, and yet nearly every other major school has at least one (usually several) other blogs that are independent, broader in scope, less policed, and unhindered by the absurd "war room" feature that requires you to have a subscription to talk about certain things. So I guess everyone in America who looks at those (e.g., the 150k+ hits from people who visit every month) is just being stupid and buying into a "rip off."

But seriously, I'm glad you think the Rivals blog is such a sweet website--maybe you could just take your business there and never come back. I mean, I know we'll all miss your incredible insight and analysis. I don't know what we'll do without someone to tell us we "stole" this idea from Rivals. But alas, as time goes on, I suppose the tears we shed at never being able to see you write "tisk tisk" again will fade away and we will somehow carry on with this inferior blog.

Awesome stuff, Tommy. Best of luck out there with the other badasses.

Seamus O'Toole said...

As for the game, I don't have much to say now except that we played horrific basketball and Stallings didn't call a timeout when he had 3 left with :45 seconds to go, after we had just gotten a huge rebound and the game was tied. The guys stood around the perimeter, didn't run anything resembling a set play, and turned it over with plenty of time left for Appy State to win it in regulation (which, when they didn't, should have fired us up for overtime, but evidently not)...

Alex Gordon could have won it in regulation by taking it to the rack instead of shooting a leaner with a couple seconds still on the clock (though it may not be all his fault because from what it sounded like, this gym was pretty bush league--wouldn't be surprised if he just didn't have a clock to glance at above the basket).

We got in serious foul trouble, which is inexcusable. Neltner and Skuchas both picked up 4 fouls, as did Gordon. That was among many factors in our being tentative, getting outrebounded and beaten to death by second-chance points...again.

I was furious listening to this game and probably won't say much else about it.

You're up, Tommy.