Thursday, November 30, 2006

Week 13 NFL Picks

We are trying some new things here at THE Vanderbilt University Sports Blog to try and increase traffic and, most importantly, get people out there contributing. In this vein, we are starting an NFL Pick'em thread that will be updated every week with RWilliams, Stanimal, and Bobby O'Shea's picks for the week. Not only will we keep track of how we do however, we will also keep tabs of how everyone else in Commodore Nation does, significantly increasing the amount of trash-talking that is sure to go on. Keep checking back later in the week for a scouting report and analysis of Vanderbilt's upcoming game against Toledo at Memorial. Now, to the picks:

Thursday Night:

  1. Baltimore @ Cincinnati


  1. Minnesota @ Chicago
  2. Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh
  3. Arizona @ St. Louis
  4. Indy @ Tennessee
  5. Jacksonville @ Miami
  6. New York Jets @ Green Bay
  7. San Fran @ New Orleans
  8. Atlanta @ Washington
  9. KC @ Cleveland
  10. Detroit @ New England
  11. San Diego @ Buffalo
  12. Dallas @ New York Giants
  13. Houston @ Oakland
  14. Seattle @ Denver
  15. Carolina @ Philly

Good Luck!


Bobby O'Shea said...
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Bobby O'Shea said...

I like:

1. The mighty Bengals of Cincinatti at home in a most win.

2. Chicago at home
3. Pittsburgh
4. St. Louis
5. Indy
6. Miami to get back into the playoff picture in a big way in the AFC
7. My New York Jets to take one step closer to their AFC Wild Card Berth
8. America's Team, the New Orleans 9. Atlanta
10. KC
11. New England
12. San Diego
13. Dallas to effectively end the New York Giants' season
14. Houston in perhaps the worst game so far this season
15. Seattle (I know its a Vanderbilt Sports blog, but Seattle is BACK!)
16. Carolina

Stanimal said...

Here are my picks for the week:

1. Baltimore, the most quiet 9-2 team in the league
2. Chicago
3. Steelers
4. St. Louis
5. Indy
6. Miami (They needed a little Joey, that's all)
7. New York Jets (Eric Mangini, possible Coach of the Year)
8. The ^$@(*)*#@! Saints
9. My Dirty Birds, literally and figuratively
10. Kansas City
11. New England
12. LaDanian Tomlinson
13. Dallas over the New York "We hate Tom Coughlin" Giants
14. I'm taking Oakland, if only because I like their defense, despite the fact nobody on their offense wants to play. (What a BAD game by the way)
15. J-Cut and the Broncos
16. Carolina takes out McNabbless Philly

Seamus O'Toole said...

You heard it here first (or third, as it were):

1. Baltimore
2. Chicago
3. Pittsburgh
4. St. Louis
5. Indianapolis
6. Miami
7. Green Bay (cue the trash talking from Bobby O. Go Fav...r...e)
8. New Orleans
9. Atlanta
10. Cleveland
11. New England
12. San Diego
13. New York Giants
14. Oakland (because, uh, why not?)
15. The Denver Commodores
16. Carolina

J.B., M.D. said...
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J.B., M.D. said...

The most accurate, entertaining picks... a no-brainer:

1. Cincinnati: Chris Henry drinks too much Hennessey, drives home.
2. Chicago: Urlacher.
3. Tampa Bay: Big Ben is no Tom Brady, suffers Chris Henry's fate but with Jim Beam.
4. Arizona: Edge gets 1st 100 yard game of season.
5. Indy: Addai for 5 scores?
6. Miami: Shuts down Garrard, scores defensive TDs.
7. Green Bay: I hate Josh Burgener.
8. San Fran: Why did I pick Lamont Jordan instead of Frank Gore?
9. Atlanta: Because the 'Skins are atrocious, and because I fear the Stanimal.
10. KC: LJ does to the Browns' awful franchise what has been deemed illegal in 40 states [for you to decide].
11. New England: Who can go against the best, most underrated and attractive team in the league/ever?
12. Buffalo: Losman (3 TDs) trumps LT (2 TDs, also kicks 2 extra points because he's that good).
13. Dallas: Kick some salt into some Giant wounds. At game's end, Coughlin congratulates Tony Romo who in turn congratulates himself knowing that he's much better quarterback and person than Eli Manning.
14. Houston: Because H comes before O and who gives a sh*t?!?
15. Seattle: Even though every Shaun Alexander fantasy owner hates him for not producing this year, he loves himself for picking LT in his own fantasy league.
16. Carolina: I dislike Philadelphia with a passion. DeAngelo and Smith blow it open.

Anonymous said...

1. Ravens fustigate Palmer in the rain

2. Chicago - grossman blows it though
3. Rothlisburger goes out for 3 sets
4. Holt makes it worth my while
5. Dominic Who?
6. Miami makes jags their bitch
7. Jets go home cold and alone
8. San fran celebrates with dudes
9. I hate atlanta
10. Bandwagon city
11. Screw both of 'em
12. The Ladainian tomlinsons
13. Romo makes my week
14. Alexander proves me right for holding him on the bench 10 weeks.

oh, and jon trades me cutler.

Anonymous said...

here we go

Woody said...

1. Cinci (Thursday night games on NFL network suck)
2. Chitown
3. Pitt
4. St. Louis
5. Indy
6. Jacksonville
7. Jets, to appease.
8. Bush, Brees, 'n Company
9. ATL (Skins suck)
10. Chiefs, in a big way
11. Two words: TOM BRADY
12. Two Letters: LT
13. Possibily the best game out there with the most hyp: Dallas
14. Broncos; Gotta pull for Cutler

J.B., M.D. said...

Woody's Cincy pick definitely doesn't count... unless you want everyone's picks Monday morning.

Stanimal said...

Well the standings thus far on picks, Bobby O'Shea rocking his way to 11 correct with a possible 12 pending the outcome of tonight's game, even thuogh he doesn't know how to spell Cincinnati.

Papa O'Shea picks up 9 this week to capture second. What a display of family NFL genius.

Woody WOULD have 9, but since he made the Cinci pick the day after the game, that drops him down to a 4 way tie with myself, Chadathom, and Jonathan, all of whom got 8 right this week pending the outcome of tonight's game, which won't matter in separating the rest of the pack, as we all picked Carolina.

RWilliams a.k.a. Shamus O'Toole barely misses the tie with 7 correct picks.

As for Pecevich, I can't decipher his cryptic language, but my best count is 5.