Friday, November 24, 2006

Small Time...

While looking up stats for tomorrow's game against Elon, I noticed that you can buy a DVD of Vanderbilt's win at Georgia on . This is so small time and emblematic of a culture of losing that Commodore Nation has got to overcome if they are going to take the next step in Football. We should expect to win every game we play, if Bobby Johnson can do one thing from Vanderbilt Football, it will be to remove the term "moral victory" from the team's and the fans' lexicon. The only DVDs that should be sold are DVDs at the end of the season chronicling the team's journey to their first bowl game since the 1982 Gator Bowl.
Beating Tennessee, in Knoxville, was the team's first big win in the Bobby-era, against our biggest rivals no less. While selling DVDs and T-shirts in the bookstore might be overkill, I appreciate the enthusiasm. A DVD after the Georgia win is completely superfluous and unnecessary. This team should not be happy with an unexpected win every now and then, they have to take the next step. Vanderbilt's football team has the talent to compete, taking that next step is as much psychological as anything else. Celebrating one victory, no matter how "big" or "unexpected" it might be, invites let downs. You don't score until you score, and beating Georgia and going 4-8 isn't scoring, winning a bowl games is.